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All You Need to Know About Slots

Written by John Rossenblatt

September 18, 2021

If you are a slot machine person or if you are new in the world of slot games you will surely a few things in this article. You will learn how to play slots and how the game works so just sit back and relax.

History of slots

Before we start talking about how the game is played, let’s dig in a little deeper on how slot machines became the famous arcade games in land-based casinos and online casinos.
First, slots are an arcade game that consists of spinning reels either three to six pieces that are aligned vertically. These reels are composed of different images and numbers and if these said numbers and images matched together, either horizontally or vertically you will win prizes or in casinos, money.
In some various places, slot machines are called in different names, in American English it is called slot machine, in British English, it is called a fruit machine, in Scottish English, it is called puggy, in Canada, it is called the slots and in Australian English, it is called a poker machine or pokies.
In the early times, a lever is used to make the reels spinning and it will automatically stop. But in modern times the levers are now replaced with touch buttons or simply by just touching the screen of the slot machine.
A lot of changes have been added to the slot machine over the years, and these said changes are more special designed game mechanics that have been design to make the games more exciting, for example things like bonus rounds and other kinds of special features depending on what slots you are playing and the video graphics since the players are most likely playing video games.

Where did the first slot machines start?

In early 1891 in Brooklyn, New York, Sittman and Pitt developed a game using five drums as reels holding 50 card faces that were based on the casino game poker that was soon popularized and was called slot machines.
Unlike the slots today that have distinct pay lines to win, the original slot machine has no definite pay lines. It is based on poker mechanics for example if a player puts a nickel in the machine and pulls the lever if a pair of kings appear in the drums (in poker cowboys) they will win a bottle of beer. Because of the vast numbers of combinations that you can do in poker, some of the developers think in ways of reducing the player's chance of winning.
Around 1887 and 1895 at San Francisco California, Charles Fey a much simpler slot machine with three reels instead of five containing a total of five symbols such as diamond, spades, horseshoe, and hearts.
So that’s about it on how the slot machine was made and how it developed over the years. Imagine how cool it would be playing on the old five drums slot machine.

Slots gameplay

The slot machine is very easy and fun to play, which is why it is very famous for almost every person who loves to play, bet and have an exciting moment.
How do you play the game?
To play, you will have to put bets on a certain pay line and press the button then the system will do their magic for you. Pay lines will depend on which game you choose.
Each combination will be determined by the corresponding symbols that will show on the screen and will also determine the amount that you’re going to get if you hit a pay line.